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We invite fly scientists from all disciplines to share your research at the virtual Midwest Drosophila Conference from October 23-24, 2021. Our meeting promotes interactions among PIs, students, and postdocs. It's a great opportunity for students and postdocs to present alongside senior researchers. We invite you to submit an abstract for an oral and/or poster presentation.

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Abstract submission deadline is Thursday, September 23, 2021.

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Drosophila research at IU Department of Biology

This image, captured with a high-powered confocal laser microscope, shows pain-sensing neurons in the skin of a larval fruit fly. Dan Tracey and colleagues have found that a suite of genes in both fruit flies and humans—including one dubbed "smoke alarm"—plays a role in nerve sensitivity. The study could help lead to new drug targets in pain management. Image by Stephanie E. Mauthner (Dan Tracey lab)